Available to persons 16 years of age or older.

Required to register for use


You can also register a card in someone else's name.


Driver's license or Passport

Usage fee 
330 yen per 15-minute unit 
60minute ride plan 1,000 yen
[↑320 yen savings]
120minute ride plan 1,500yen
[↑1,140 yen savings]
-Charges including tax-

Dedicated app calculates fees based on usage time.
Cashless payment at the end of use.

Port & Suvice Area
Traffic Rules in Japan

A passport is required for age verification when registering to use the service.

OPEN  9:00am〜 8:00pm

Last check out at 8:00 p.m., 24-hour return service available

Need Help?


Not available. Please pay the fee byvarious credit cards.

Immediately contact the police and fire department. Then call the dedicated accident dial on the vehicle. An operator will respond.

Please call the emergency number posted on the vehicle.

Go back to where you parked temporarily again, park temporarily, and resume your trip there.

You can use a credit card in your own name.

You may also pay with someone else’s credit card.

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